`XVII Navarra´s tapas week´

Semana del pinchoFrom Friday 10 to April 19 , the XVII “Semana del pincho de Navarra! is celebrated. This event is one of the most important social & gastronomic of the autonomous region this year with the participation of 76 establishments distributed by the diverse geography of Navarra. Bahía has a proposal that claims the essence of the “pincho”, is the simplicity of being able to eat by hand and no more than three bites , this proposal called Bahía 1954 , clearly refers to the year in which first opened the establishment and is a sandwich based cod tripe and veal, sealed with Parmesan cheese. You can enjoy it NOW!, What are you waiting for?

Bahía 1954-Emparedado de callos de bacalao y de ternera con parmesano

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