Lynchburg Lemonade


It´s a Long cocktail type drink. Very refreshing and addictive for summer evenings is sensational, perfect for those who are “long drink “. What is the problem? it evaporates very fast!.

This cocktail is not free from a story about his creation like many others, giving that point of romance to the world of mixology, although this has a lawsuit involved, yes, at first cración drink is attributed to Anthony Mason , owner of the restaurant Alabama, located in the very County Lynchburg, same place bourbon distillery famous Jack Daniel’s, Lynchburg, where Mason is created in 1980 is located, says a representative of Jack Daniel steals ‘s recipe in 1982 and 1987. When the Mason own claim to the Jack Daniel distillery alleging that several company representatives attended his property to steal the recipe based test it repeatedly and according to Mason the distillery had to pay for the prescription.

A year later, the Jack Daniel’s distillery, launched a nationwide campaign to promote the beverage and Mason complains to the company the amount of 13 million dollars in imdemnización for damages and the judge rules in favor of Mason, but without give financial compensation, Mason appealed the judge’s decision and determined that there should be another trial, at the end Mason stayed in “white” and the popularity of cocktail and Jack Daniel multiplied throughout the country besides having today day the rights to the “cocktail of discord ” was a highly publicized case, known as the Mason vs. Jack Daniel Distillery case .



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