Where to eat in San Fermin

Food and cuisine is a key part of the San Fermin fiestas. … We have sandwiches and tapas in the bar and Menu in the restaurant (basement).





San Fermin 2016

We present our proposals for San Fermin 2016, for lunch a full menu to choose what you like and enjoy the San Fermín party with friends and family.

Nous présentons nos propositions pour San Fermin 2016, pour manger à midi, un menu complet pour choisir ce que vous aimez et profiter des vacances avec des amis et la famille.

… And for dinner, a selected menu to enjoy choosing what you want for yourself or to share with your friends and family.

… Et pour le dîner, une menu choisie pour profiter de choisir ce que vous voulez pour vous-même ou à partager avec votre famille.

We are waitting for you, make your reservation on 948 222 110

Nous attendons, d’effectuer votre réservation sur 948 222 110

Bahía Food & Club – San Fermín 2015, We propose

At noon, enjoy our traditional San Fermin proposed menu with an option to vary !, to choose between first, second , desserts and our cellar wines selected for the occasion.

… And for dinner, you can choose to share or individual in our ” night menu “…

Menú San Fermín 2015 BAHÍA NOCHE

… Stay tuned for new proposals in our Facebook fanpage



Science lovers, get ready to enjoy a cutting edge research at the bar, on May 19 at 20:00 hours and open to the public, we can enjoy a scientific speech about MISTERIES OF GERMS AND BEER

  • Microbes and beer: unleavened life would be harder – Ignacio López-Goñi (Microbiologist of the Navarra University)
  • It is a matter of chemistry: The important thing is in the froth – José Ramón Isasi (Chemist of the Navarra University)
  • The next beer…or something. What it cst to preserve nature – Arturo Ariño (Bologist of the Navarra University)

We will waitting for you!..



`XVII Navarra´s tapas week´

Semana del pinchoFrom Friday 10 to April 19 , the XVII “Semana del pincho de Navarra! is celebrated. This event is one of the most important social & gastronomic of the autonomous region this year with the participation of 76 establishments distributed by the diverse geography of Navarra. Bahía has a proposal that claims the essence of the “pincho”, is the simplicity of being able to eat by hand and no more than three bites , this proposal called Bahía 1954 , clearly refers to the year in which first opened the establishment and is a sandwich based cod tripe and veal, sealed with Parmesan cheese. You can enjoy it NOW!, What are you waiting for?

Bahía 1954-Emparedado de callos de bacalao y de ternera con parmesano