San Fermin 2016

We present our proposals for San Fermin 2016, for lunch a full menu to choose what you like and enjoy the San Fermín party with friends and family.

Nous présentons nos propositions pour San Fermin 2016, pour manger à midi, un menu complet pour choisir ce que vous aimez et profiter des vacances avec des amis et la famille.

… And for dinner, a selected menu to enjoy choosing what you want for yourself or to share with your friends and family.

… Et pour le dîner, une menu choisie pour profiter de choisir ce que vous voulez pour vous-même ou à partager avec votre famille.

We are waitting for you, make your reservation on 948 222 110

Nous attendons, d’effectuer votre réservation sur 948 222 110


We start the Concert Season 2016

his Friday March 4 at 21:30 D’Cena Acoustic Band, with a repertoire of contemporary hits , a show that will leave you sound breathless, music to enjoy dinner and food to enjoy the music in Bahia Food & Club of course, Are you going to lose ?

Concierto 4.3.16 2

Bahía Food & Club – San Fermín 2015, We propose

At noon, enjoy our traditional San Fermin proposed menu with an option to vary !, to choose between first, second , desserts and our cellar wines selected for the occasion.

… And for dinner, you can choose to share or individual in our ” night menu “…

Menú San Fermín 2015 BAHÍA NOCHE

… Stay tuned for new proposals in our Facebook fanpage



Science lovers, get ready to enjoy a cutting edge research at the bar, on May 19 at 20:00 hours and open to the public, we can enjoy a scientific speech about MISTERIES OF GERMS AND BEER

  • Microbes and beer: unleavened life would be harder – Ignacio López-Goñi (Microbiologist of the Navarra University)
  • It is a matter of chemistry: The important thing is in the froth – José Ramón Isasi (Chemist of the Navarra University)
  • The next beer…or something. What it cst to preserve nature – Arturo Ariño (Bologist of the Navarra University)

We will waitting for you!..



`XVII Navarra´s tapas week´

Semana del pinchoFrom Friday 10 to April 19 , the XVII “Semana del pincho de Navarra! is celebrated. This event is one of the most important social & gastronomic of the autonomous region this year with the participation of 76 establishments distributed by the diverse geography of Navarra. Bahía has a proposal that claims the essence of the “pincho”, is the simplicity of being able to eat by hand and no more than three bites , this proposal called Bahía 1954 , clearly refers to the year in which first opened the establishment and is a sandwich based cod tripe and veal, sealed with Parmesan cheese. You can enjoy it NOW!, What are you waiting for?

Bahía 1954-Emparedado de callos de bacalao y de ternera con parmesano

Lynchburg Lemonade


It´s a Long cocktail type drink. Very refreshing and addictive for summer evenings is sensational, perfect for those who are “long drink “. What is the problem? it evaporates very fast!.

This cocktail is not free from a story about his creation like many others, giving that point of romance to the world of mixology, although this has a lawsuit involved, yes, at first cración drink is attributed to Anthony Mason , owner of the restaurant Alabama, located in the very County Lynchburg, same place bourbon distillery famous Jack Daniel’s, Lynchburg, where Mason is created in 1980 is located, says a representative of Jack Daniel steals ‘s recipe in 1982 and 1987. When the Mason own claim to the Jack Daniel distillery alleging that several company representatives attended his property to steal the recipe based test it repeatedly and according to Mason the distillery had to pay for the prescription.

A year later, the Jack Daniel’s distillery, launched a nationwide campaign to promote the beverage and Mason complains to the company the amount of 13 million dollars in imdemnización for damages and the judge rules in favor of Mason, but without give financial compensation, Mason appealed the judge’s decision and determined that there should be another trial, at the end Mason stayed in “white” and the popularity of cocktail and Jack Daniel multiplied throughout the country besides having today day the rights to the “cocktail of discord ” was a highly publicized case, known as the Mason vs. Jack Daniel Distillery case .